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To baby or not to baby?

Photo by Lubomirkin on Unsplash

Those in possession of a uterus have long been both expected and pressured to have children. For the better part of history it has not been a choice; it was a reason for existing: get married, have children, raise a family. 

Arguably, nobody is ever ready to have kids—no amount of planning can fully prepare a person for parenthood. But whether or not you make those plans is becoming less about expectations and more about inclinations: baby, or no baby? 

The reasons to have children or to remain childless have equal merit, and there are as many justifications for as arguments against. It’s a matter of lifestyles, preferences, values and circumstance. It is important to remember some people are not childless by choice, others become pregnant against their will, and still others choose who to call their children. In all cases, whether they involve natural conception, fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, abortion or whatever other way a person finds to parent, choice is important, decisions must be respected and everyone should be encouraged to make the choice that’s right for them.


Chelsea Whitelock

Chelsea Whitelock (she/her) is a bookworm and self-identified grammar nerd, graduating in 2022. She aspires to work as a professional “book fairy” (a.k.a. editor), specializing in acquisitions and fuelled by caffeine. Raised by her dad, Chelsea learned to prove herself by saying “I can do anything a man can do … in heels.” She believes that cereal is only soup if the milk is warm, and maybe not even then.