Defying definition by disorder


As medical advancements continue and diagnoses are made with more accuracy, mental health needs to become a commonplace topic of conversation. I grew up in a place where sharing your flaws or problems was looked down on; those that live in small farm town communities tend to keep themselves to themselves. Image is important and you don’t want to give anyone gas to burn your barn down.

Put the ‘right’ back in birthright

Found in many societies and rooted in a patriarchal norm is the “pink tax” or “tampon tax,” otherwise known as the price gouging of gender-based products. Women’s products often cost more than those of their cis-male counterparts, even though they are the same thing with slight adjustments, such as a different scent or color. Menstrual products are not something that those with a uterus can opt-out of. The lovely gift from mother nature will come every month whether you get a paycheck or not. The fact that a person has to pay to stay sanitary and safe during this time is unfathomable.