Asexuality: Prude and prejudice

My own ace experience includes feeling like I’m constantly out of step with what the rest society thinks. To see if others felt the same incongruence as I did, I ran a small survey. It went to anonymous, mostly asexual respondents, ranging from 16 to 26 years old. Most said that feminists, whether in casual conversation or organized groups, just don’t understand asexuals—or even know that they exist. Feminism as a whole has not outgrown society’s discomfort with aces and in turn, asexuality risks being uncomfortable with feminism.

A journey out of toxic masculinity

Feminism was something we heard about only in passing or read about in a brief textbook excerpt. It didn’t hold much meaning for me; it was an abstract concept, not a concrete ideology. Now, as a high school teacher, I aim to promote independence and encourage the development of young minds—it is hypocritical of me to remain ignorant.

A feminist changes a tire

Granted, now, I really do know how to change a tire and, if I was ever stuck on the side of a highway with a flat—or even in a parkade—I suppose I could do it myself. But maybe I had it right all along: just because I’d rather let my dad—or partner—help me out doesn’t make me a bad feminist, and just becuase I can change a tire doesn’t mean I need to risk dirtying my bedazzled jacket.

Sailor Moon: Gay and feminist icon

In both TV and film, superpowers are usually coded as masculine. However, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians use their femininity to destroy evil. The typically-masculine weapons such as swords and guns are replaced with compacts, wands, tiaras and attacks with names like “Moon Spiral Heart Attack.” There’s no need for them to present themselves as masculine because their power comes from their femininity.

Witchcraft’s new era of feminism

Although mainstream witchcraft seems to revolve around astrology, tarot readings and crystal work, individual witchcraft practices range from cooking to gardening to meditation. Despite historical efforts to frame witchcraft as evil in order to control and oppress women, witchcraft today, reclaimed by feminists and social activists, gives back the voices of people who are continually marginalized and oppressed in society.

Venus envy: Fat phobia and art

The Venus of Olympia courtesy of the NY Times, Titian.(This image is one of many goddess depictions floating around in the 1800s.) Did 18th century nude paintings lead to 21st century fat phobia? I was listening to yet another of my pre-recorded art history lectures, grateful it wasn’t an 8 a.m. in-person class, when the …

Put the ‘right’ back in birthright

Found in many societies and rooted in a patriarchal norm is the “pink tax” or “tampon tax,” otherwise known as the price gouging of gender-based products. Women’s products often cost more than those of their cis-male counterparts, even though they are the same thing with slight adjustments, such as a different scent or color. Menstrual products are not something that those with a uterus can opt-out of. The lovely gift from mother nature will come every month whether you get a paycheck or not. The fact that a person has to pay to stay sanitary and safe during this time is unfathomable.

Relationships in COVID-19

COVID-19 has tested patience, boundaries and even our sanity. It’s a continuous whirlwind of emotions as each new stage of the pandemic is unveiled. Relationships—new or old, near or far, straight or same-sex, married or not—have all struggled to adapt to new rules. In a disconnected and isolated world, these couples chose love and perseverance, allowing simple acts of creativity to keep the romance alive.

SAHM: Should I stay or should I go?

I have been a parent for going on a decade. During that time, I’ve been a single mom, a working mom and a stay-at-home mom. My experience on both sides of the parenting debate—choosing whether to continue working after having children or to stay home—has taught me one thing: there is no one right answer; the real struggle is finding the delicate work-life balance that works for your own unique circumstances.