A look at gender in the beauty industry

After flipping through their trusted magazines, like Flare Magazine where Hannah worked in the late 90s, women would head to their local drugstores to pick up the latest anti-wrinkle moisturizers, pore minimizers, and waist thinner-izers. The hyper-feminine and macho-masculine brands also offer up gender-neutral products; they just don’t tell you. With a few exceptions, most beauty products can be used by anyone, regardless of their biological sex, gender identity, or anything else really. It’s the way the products are packaged and marketed that suggests to consumers whether the product is meant for them or not.

Fifty shades of sex-positivity

Goicochea’s words convinced me even further that the partnership was a good fit. By working with a gender-neutral and progressive sexual wellness brand such as Maude, Johnson is driving inclusivity in sexual wellness just as her work with the trilogy advanced sexual liberation in mainstream media. Sex-positivity is for everyone and comes in many forms. Whether it is in the form of a BDSM romance novel or a solo romp with a gender-neutral vibrator, it deserves to be celebrated—whatever shade it comes in.