Editor’s note: Leave the shit behind

We want to celebrate our differences instead of hiding them, and highlight our collective identity during a time when there is so much going on that could trap us in a negative mindset. So, we encourage you to leave the shit behind and embrace your unique identity. By bringing up these diverse topics, we hope to create a place where all gender identities are free to be themselves. Whether you identify as a she, they, straight, gay, anything in between, or an ally who walks alongside, we hope you know that you’re one of us.

Defying definition by disorder


As medical advancements continue and diagnoses are made with more accuracy, mental health needs to become a commonplace topic of conversation. I grew up in a place where sharing your flaws or problems was looked down on; those that live in small farm town communities tend to keep themselves to themselves. Image is important and you don’t want to give anyone gas to burn your barn down.

Venus envy: Fat phobia and art

The Venus of Olympia courtesy of the NY Times, Titian.(This image is one of many goddess depictions floating around in the 1800s.) Did 18th century nude paintings lead to 21st century fat phobia? I was listening to yet another of my pre-recorded art history lectures, grateful it wasn’t an 8 a.m. in-person class, when the …